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Piedmont Rural Fiber is owned by Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative (PRTC). As a co-op, PRTC is member-owned, local, and deeply invested in the community.

Founded in 1951, PRTC has been helping businesses and families in Laurens, South Carolina, stay connected for decades. In addition to the wireless, telephone, and internet services the Laurens community has long used and loved, PRTC is proud to now offer high-speed, fiber-based internet.

By modernizing the network with fiber optic technology, PRTC continues its commitment to serving customers and the community with the latest communication technologies and unmatched customer service.

With this new offering, PRTC is not only the local internet provider but also the provider Laurens can trust for the fastest, most secure, and most reliable connection in the area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is the fiber-based internet offered by Piedmont Rural Fiber?

Fiber-based internet is the fastest, most secure internet connection available in Laurens, South Carolina, with speeds of up to 1 Gig. That’s ten times faster than our fastest DSL connection! Learn more about the available speeds on our Products & Pricing page.

What are the advantages of switching to fiber-based internet?

With a faster, fiber-based internet connection, you’ll find it easier and more enjoyable to use the internet for home security, entertainment, and more.  For example, you could… 

  • Download videos in a fraction of the time (no more slow buffering!)
  • Take advantage of the latest home security systems to keep your family safe
  • Power the latest smart technologies for healthcare, home automatio,n and more
  • Offer a smoother online gaming experience to your family’s gamers
  • Use multiple online devices at once without difficulty
  • Upload and download data of all kinds faster than you can on your current connection

Does PRTC offer any other services?

In addition to high-speed internet, we offer Streaming TV, telephone, voice, and data to families and businesses in Laurens, South Carolina. Visit our Products & Pricing page to learn more.

When will I have access to the new, fiber-based internet?

Some businesses and residents already have access to a faster connection. Scroll up and enter your address in the search bar above to discover if or when you’ll have access.

How much will this service cost?

As a local, member-owned cooperative, we are committed to making high-speed internet accessible for our community. Check out our Products & Pricing page to learn more about our pricing.

What is the process for getting fiber installed?